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Gray Ram Tactical, LLC understands that all school districts are different. Our courses can be customized to meet your needs. We put emphasis on issues that are important to your district. The versatility of our training is what sets us apart from the competition. It is never our intent to implement school policy. The intent of all training is to offer ideas and concepts based on available information and the expertise of Gray Ram Tactical, LLC operators and advisors. Our training will not focus on a select few representatives of the district. We believe everyone from the Superintendent to the Janitor needs to have training on this subject matter.

A proud member of APTA, Gray Ram Tactical, LLC is the leading authority for safety transportation training. Unlike our competitors,our extensive all encompassing curriculum has been implemented since 2007. Our curriculum teaches drivers and operators how to detect, respond, and control aggressive situations before they become violent. Operators will learn weapon recognition, verbal indicators of aggression, and de-escalation skills. We also offer hijacking and 911 communication courses.

Gray Ram Tactical, LLC offers a variety of courses in law enforcement which includes, but is not limited to: tactical, defensive, and administrative coursework. Our instructors are comprised of SWAT operators, military personnel, and other law enforcement experts with practical experience. All law enforcement training is Missouri P.O.S.T Certified. Course curriculum includes defensive knife tactics, tubular assault, high- risk search warrants, active shooter, and much more. The majority of the instructors at Gray Ram Tactical are Generalist Instructors who have worked with state, local, and private law enforcement academies.

Regardless of your size, our pricing makes safety and security training cost effective. We train businesses on work place bullying and violence. Representatives are taught how to verbally de-escalate situations involving angry customers to resolve issues and maintain a positive reputation. We also offer courses in sexual harassment, active shooter response, workplace bullying, and more. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.