We bridge the gap between customer satisfaction and employee safety. Established in 2007,  our training curriculum prepares all professionals to identify and react to hostile situations while balancing  HR policies with customer service. Our training and curriculum applies to all types of professions.


Our Experts


The Gray Ram Tactical Team consists of attorneys, SWAT operators, military personnel, and other law enforcement experts. Many trainers are instructors of state and local law enforcement academies. ALL INSTRUCTORS have undergone extensive training and are vetted to ensure they are the most qualified personnel to instruct your agency.


Workplace Safety

  • Transportation
  • Schools
  • Law Enforcement
  • Business
  • Military
  • Individuals

Your Success

Do not be caught off guard. Ensure that you have proper safety and security measures implemented so you can lower your liability and lessen your chances of an incident involving your entity. We will work with you to create and implement an emergency management plan to be able to prevent, detect, and respond to violence.

Effective Operating Principles

Our mission and business philosophy is simple. We listen and take note of your needs, define our role, and visualize the solutions. Solutions tailored specific for your entity.This process allows us to implement flexible and effective processes and conquer ever-evolving challenges in emergency management in a cost effective manner.